Milano, via Scarampo. Redevelopment of the Pavilion 1 and 2 of Fiera Milano into multifunctional Urban Center

year 2015


client  Prelios spa, Milano


with Atelier Traldi and Hublab


area  56’000 m²

The MAGNETE MILANO project is based on the idea of enhancement of Fiera Milano’s complex. The proposal aims to change the design of the city, and its public spaces, by realize, within the current structure’s exhibition hall, a large square-court to contribute to the neighborhood’s community vitality.

A wide-variety of services and facilities are planned, including activity spaces with interactive and digital technology features, a musical center, bikers service stations, a hotel, a private health center, shops, a suspended public park and a pedestrian/bicycle path at high altitude connecting City Life with Portello areas.